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Malak Ref sheet by IISPIKEII Malak Ref sheet by IISPIKEII
Oh gosh. Done.
Malāk is such a bitch to draw but he is worth it lol
Have some information and a character sheet. I'm not so trained in full body drawings so I'm not that good in anatomy. Please have mercy if you give me critique. It doesn't mean you can't give me some accurate critique, just keep in mind that I usually don't realy draw legs lol And I love to hear critique if you have something to let me know.

And also a big Thank you to :iconalphares: who made me some redlines for the two headshots. I'm not good at faces and heads and I was so desperate with these two and I didn't know what I did wrong that everything looked so messed up. I have to learn so much!
Thank you for being such an awesome guy and helping me out!

Character is (c) by :iconiispikeii:

Better version can be found here: [link]
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Alphares Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally!! I was eagerly waiting for that refsheet. Malāk immediately caught my eye (doesn't mean, that I don't like your other characters) and now with the finished refsheet I'm even more sure of it, yes, I like him very much :D

Let's start with the awesomeness, those wings. They really blew me away when I saw the picture in full view. The bustshots and the fullbody pose also reveal a lot about his attitude and that's what I really enjoy in this sheet.

And my pleasure about the redlines. I wasn't sure if you can use them or not so I just started to doodle away and hoped that they'll help you :]
I'm glad if I can help you so don't hesitate to ask if you need something.
IISPIKEII Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I so knew you would like him! We both 've got a similar taste somehow haha! Even though I knew you would like him I didn't know you'd like him that much. The happier I am.

Gnn! You're making me go all blue and gasping for air because this comment just makes me feel so happy.
This is such a good point you're saying I indeed had a thought on that at least by the facial expressions.

Oh, you! They where totally a goo use and also you're critique. I'm always glad if somebody explains me what I'm doing wrong, so I can work on it and maybe even make some progress.
You are to kind to me, srsly! It feels good to have someone around who's eager to help. I hope I can return that favor if you'd like to take it!
Alphares Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As said, I like most of your OC group. They all seem really interesting and I'd love to see more snippets of their everyday life. He just caught my attention the most.

Don't forget to breath :D
I think pictures, no matter if headshots, bustshots or fullbody works, should always show a little bit of the character's behavior and his/her/it's attitude. That's why I was so amazed by the shots in the ref.

You do make a lot of progress. It's funny because I see that we make the exact same mistakes. I also tend to completely forget the face to head ratio or that I should leave some space for the forehead. All I can say to that is, it get's better with time and practice. By using references or by building the head with simple lines first is a great way to learn the basic ratio. In the end you will twist and tweak it until it fits for your style. There are many artists out that that simply don't enjoy drawing a face in the correct ratio to the head but after all they are still able to make a correct face if needed. Art should be entertaining for you and not a constant hassle to make everything perfect (I know, a big problem for most of us artists.)
And hell yeah, I always enjoy good critique :D Thank you!
IISPIKEII Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If I wouldn't be so unsure in drawing humans I would have made some comic pages by now. But i first want to learn more especially anatomy and so on before I do so :>
But it's so cool and delighting to hear that someone likes my OCs.

Yeah, gotta take a deep breath right now lol
I'm totally with you in that opinion. But I think it would also look a bit like bullshit if you have a grimy character and you make him smile on a sheet. That's just not fitting lol

Thank you. Really? I took that critique for my last practicing sketch page and tried to build the head step by step first which you mentioned. I think it kinda works. Also trying to avoid the forehead mistake.
Yes, I also got that problem with my stuff. I don't know why but I somehow always try to make everything correct, but I guess I should just try to relax and draw without this constant pressure.
Alphares Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooohh a comic sounds wonderful. All I can say is, I learnt the most about anatomy, poses, composition and co by drawing comic. Try some minicomics (or comicstrips, you know, just one page with some panels) first if you're unsure. In my case it helped me a lot! I think you're already good enough for a comic or at least some interaction pages but don't feel stressed. You decide when you feel comfortable enough to do so :)

Indeed! It's like having a murdering, plundering viking with a kawaii desu face. It doesn't fit (of course, if it's a special situation every expression can fit. Not on refhseets though. It's kind of irritating and showing a wrong picture of a character, especially to people who never saw said chara before).

It's not easy and I admit, it doesn't work everytime. Sometimes I just draw without the basic shapes and it works just fine :D Give it time and just play around. Same goes for the "perfectionist" problem. It's art. Personal art! You should enjoy what you do because, hell, all you're getting out of it is joy? Nobody pays you to do it so you should sit down and draw whatever the hell you want :D
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